Dhall In Production

Example commercial use cases for Dhall

This section covers confirmed uses of Dhall in production, including official integrations with other tools/ecosystems and use within companies. You can open an issue if you would like to list your company or tool here:



The Eta programming language supports Dhall for configuring their build tool, Etlas

PureScript Package Sets

PureScript’s default global package set is defined as a large Dhall configuration file that can be locally overridden


Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH

Open sourced their Dhall bindings to GoCD


Uses Haskell bindings to Dhall to configure application servers

Awake Security

Uses Haskell bindings to Dhall to simplify redundant appliance cluster configurations


Uses Dhall to generate configuration files for AWS CloudFormation (using dhall-aws-cloudformation), GitHub Actions (using github-actions-dhall), and Backstage.


Uses dhall-haskell to persist user configuration between command line interface invocations.


Uses Dhall to configure command-line applications (i.e. as an alternative to a JSON configuration)


Open sourced their Dhall bindings to Concourse CI

Earnest Research

Uses dhall and dhall-kubernetes to configure their Kubernetes infrastructure and open-sourced their bindings as dhall-packages


Uses Dhall customized with additional built-ins as a serializable domain-specific language


Uses dhall-to-yaml to simplify redundant runtime configuration

KSF Media

Uses dhall-kubernetes, dhall-to-yaml and dhall-to-text to configure, modularize and template Terraform and Kubernetes configurations

meshcloud GmbH

Uses Dhall as the primary configuration model for its multi-cloud management software meshStack. The product documentation is open source and includes a tool to automatically synchronise code snippets between the Dhall configuration model and product documentation.

meshcloud GmbH is also the first corporate sponsor for Dhall on opencollective.

Mira Networks

Uses dhall-haskell to define logs for parsing. The software generates a specific log parser in either Python, Haskell, Elm or Erlang.


Uses dhall to configure their build process